From drab to FAB.

One of my favorite parts of being a hair stylist is being able to take hair that just falls flat, lacks color, lacks a style, and turn it into a masterpiece! Hair is my canvas and I love when someone sits in my chair and the wheels in my head start turning thinking of all the possibilities to make it look incredible. This was one of those times. My client sat in my chair and I could hardly contain my excitement for the color and cut she was seeking. I'm sure I told her how excited I was at least 6 times. We set out to trim off all the dead, and add back in some layers as she hadn't had a good haircut in MONTHS. We also wanted to add some very natural looking highlights to brighten everything up! Because her hair was very fragile, and weak, we decided to do an olaplex treatment to make her hair look and feel 100 times better. We both were oohing and aahing over the results and she has come to me religiously every 10 weeks! No more drab hair. Ever.



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