Box color gone wrong

My client Jennifer is as sweet as they come. Wanting blonde hair, but not wanting to spend lots of money, she decided to try out a box color... how bad could it be, right? She is naturally pretty dark, so getting her hair to lift without pulling orange is tricky... especially for a box color to do. She decided to let her daughter do the task to make sure it was even. Unfortunately, the box color didn't turn out how she had planned, and I recieved a frantic phone call the next day. She had found me online and desperately wanted me to fix her hair ASAP. I was able to get her in the next day. As I looked through her long, thick locks I felt many emotions. Mainly overwhelmed at the task ahead of me, but super excited to finally use what I had learned in school on color corrections! After a few of us stylists collaborated to come up with the best game plan... I set to work. Because she was blessed with lots and lots of hair, I was applying color on her hair for a good two hours... First, I went through and did a heavy partial highlight, then went back and applied a base color to her roots, and a second formula for her ends. After processing for 40 minutes, I rinsed out and decided to tone the blonde to even out the blonde tones that were lifting from the previous box color. We did an olaplex treatment to pack strength back into her hair after all it had been through in the past week, cut a few inches off to get rid of any dead ends and finished with a sleek blowout. She was thrilled that she was finally blonde! The best part- the upkeep won't be terrible!! She can come in every 6-8 weeks for a retouch, and not get highlights everytime if she doesn't want! Super happy with how it turned out, and even happier that she loves it so much!

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