Lightening up a subtle ombre

Sucora came to me after having gotten her hair done previously by another stylist. She was given a pretty ombre but it was very subtle and the difference in tone from her roots to her ends wasn't as noticable as she wanted. Her hair is pretty stubborn and doesn't like to lighten, so I knew this was going to take some time, and of course- OLAPLEX, my new favorite addition to color services :)

I decided to use 40 vol with blondor, and used olaplex, so technically it was 30 vol. I applied heavily to make sure her ends were saturated and then we waited, and waited... and waited :) and FINALLY, it reached a pretty color, and I toned it and did an olaplex treatment. It is absolutely stunning on her. She has gorgeous hair that she has worked hard to grow out over the years after some bad haircuts. Now, she can show off her length with this beautiful color!


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