Balayage for Brooke!

Brooke is my fabulous sister in law! Long before I joined her family- she had been seeing another stylist. Naturally- I had told her not to leave her stylist just because I was also a hair stylist! I wanted her to see who she wanted to see! This past week, she went in to get her hair done by her usual stylist, and it didn't turn out quite how she wanted it. It was pretty- just not what she had envisioned for herself! So, she decided to switch it up- and come to me to see if I could make it exactly like the picture she had. Before we started coloring, her base color was really warm with even a hint of red/orange in it. She wanted more of a dark, rich brown with no red. Her balayage highlights were also really warm and brassy, and more of a caramelly tone.. and she wanted them to be more neutral and a tad bit blonder.

I decided to redo the base color completely, and did a balayage technique for her highlights. Wanting dimension and not an "ombre" effect, I pulled the base color through her ends in some areas to break up the "ombre" look she had. All in all- I am thrilled with how her color turned out! A beautiful color for a beautiful girl! :)


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