Morgan's Balyage highlights!


Morgan came to me with very grown out highlights. She had asked her previous stylist for a long bob and it was cut much shorter than she wanted. Therefore, she decided to let her hair grow before getting it done again. She had waited about 4-5 months which made her roots very apparent! She wanted to change up her color and encorporate more of a rich root color along with highlights. She didn't like her natural color but didn't mind how dark it was. So, we played off of her natural level but richened it up quite a bit! I applied her root color and then would balyage each section weaving in bigger and smaller sections to give it a more natural look. Now the "grown out highlight look" looks more intentional. She can now grow this out and get a root touch up in about 4-6 weeks. We won't have to touch the highlights but maybe once every couple months! It is dimensional, fun, edgy, and unique. I love this look for girls who love to curl their hair! It really shows off the fun dimension.


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