Ailene's transformation!

Ailene came to me with a few highlights, but overall it was mainly her natural color. She had found some pictures on pinterest of beautiful BRIGHT blonde highlights. Wanting to be almost platinum, we decided to take the transformation in steps. Instead of blasting her hair with lightner and getting there in one day, we decided to do this in two highlighting sessions. That way, we keep the integrity of her hair in tip-top shape. It is a great way to keep her hair in great condition while still going 5 shades lighter than she already was.

After we had nailed down a plan for her color, we chatted about her cut. She had worn long hair for quite some time and was ready for a change! Wanting to have an edgier haircut with more style, we decided to do the long bob. That way she can curl it and make it sassy or wear it straight and keep it on the more sophisticated side. We took nearly 10 inches off that day! SO FUN! :)


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